Little Ass Boombox

Little Ass Boombox

Being the hyperactive mofos that we can tend to be, decided that ONCE A YEAR IS NOT ENOUGH DAMMIT. Luckily our friends at Kelly’s Olympian agreed with us and now WE HAVE A MONTHLY DAMN SHOW. It’s still free, and it showcases all the great things about the festival only in a smaller, tidier package (okay, not that tidy; this is still the boombox). Every month we will bring you 4 of our favorite spazzy, buzzy, loud, and fuzzy bands from Cascadia, and pair them with 2 our favorite authors, essayists, poets, weirdos, whatevers. You will find something you like (you just might have to drink a lot to accomplish that, you picky mofo.) EVERY FOURTH FRIDAY. ALWAYS FREE.  ALWAYS AT KELLY’S OLYMPIAN. ALWAYS RAD.

see you there koala bear,
e.babb 8


07-26 boombox

06-28 boombox

05-24 big ass boombox (1)

04-26 big ass boombox

AND OUR FIRST ONE!!!!!!!!! (no fancy poster for that one, but the marquee was fancy enough.)
first one!

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